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An Introduction To Roof Lifts or Raising The Roof Height

All You Need To Know About A Roof Lift With TVM

A Roof Lift Gives You So Much More Living Space

From This Low Unusable Roof Space

This old hipped roof had a very low roof line. The amount of usable floor space was so small a loft conversion would never of worked.

To This Whole New Roof In Just 5 Weeks

The roof lift with three cottage dormers giving almost double the amount of space this bungalow had, and significant value to their home.


Giving You 2 Bedrooms & Bathroom

The raised roof gave this family two great bedrooms and another bathroom, and they didn’t have to move out through the entire process.

We Complete A Roof Lift Fast and with NO Disruptions To You

  • Your Roof Replaced In Just One Day

    The core of the roof lift is completed in just one day, leaving you with weather sealed roof ready for tiling, windows and dormers.

  • You Don't Have To Move Out

    With years of experience, we have a developed a methodology which means you don’t ever need to move out of your home.

  • Your Existing Ceiling Remain Undamaged

    Our roof lift process means there is no damage to existing ceilings, or any electrical wiring & plumbing, etc.

  • Huge Range Of Options

    We have almost unlimited options to make a  bespoke roof space perfect for you and your needs.

  • We Managed The Whole Project

    We have a full team, meaning we can coordinated every aspect of your project from start to finish.

  • A New Home In Weeks

    We complete most roof lofts within 3 to 6 weeks, giving you a whole new home – Fast and Ready To Use!

Roof Lift & Loft Conversion Design Ideas

From Ultra Modern And Complex Through To Classical Designs, All With Form And Function.

Your home is your personal space, and should be designed with you and your family in mind. Every roof lift we complete is unique to each home, and we have 1000’s of ideas to make it fit like a like a glove.

Our in-house design teams works with you to build both a visually perfect look and as well as functional living space. Combining form and function into our roof lifts we create both traditional and modern designs. With advances in roofing and building materials, we can design even the most complex, almost conceptual designs for our clients. 

Have a look at our contemporary roof lift design page, which will show much of the designs we have completed in the past, and some ideas for the future! 

Learn More About Modern Roof Lift Designs by TVM

A Roof Lift A Far As You Want To Go


We Offer A Full or Partial Roof Lift To Fit Your Budget

We know everyones budget is different, so we work with each client to develop a project to suit your project and needs. In effect we offer endless options, all of which fall under three levels of roof lift delivery.

Stage 1: Engineering Work Only
This option we complete only the minimal engineering work to lift your roof height. This often is part of a larger project for the client, and only need TVM to complete the very core of the roof lift.

Stage 2: Shell or DIY Roof Lift
When we deliver a roof lift to this stage we complete all the work as defined by the client. This is often someone who is a keen DIY’er, or have friends in the trade to complete the work at a lower cost. We can can do as much or as little needed, but often this leave a shell, with the stairs fitted ready for stage 3.

Stage 3: Complete DIY Roof Lift
A customer who takes this options means they want the full project delivered by TVM end to end. At this stage, we complete all the internal as well as the external work, leaving it ready for decorating and moving in your personal items.

Learn More About We Work With Your Budget Needs

Velux Authorised Reseller and Installer

We Offer A Full Velux Window Service From Installation To Repairs

As a full authorised Velux Windows reseller and installer, we offer a complete Velux service. As well as being an installer, you can buy direct from us via our showroom, or contact us about a repair to an existing Velux window.

Learn More About The Full Range Of Velux Services We Offer

Book Your Free Design Consultation Today

We offer a free no obligation survey at you home to view, measure-up and discuss your specific needs.

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